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We are dedicated to innovative financial solutions

We empower individuals and families to achieve financial independence through The Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC). We make decisions from a long-term perspective, meaning we plan for the next quarter century (not just the next quarter).
Akiva Kenneth Shapero


Kenneth Akiva Shapero was an early member of the innovation team of Apple, Inc. in the late 70's. In 1980 he started his own chain of Apple Computer stores on the East Coast. During this time, he served on the Boards of Apple, 3M Corporation and Seiko Corp. and numerous non-profits. In 1991 he was acquired by Apple. After a short break he worked at GE Capital in Mergers and Acquisitions, eventually starting his own Wealth Management Firm in South Florida. Shapero has developed methods to return up to 35% of lost income back to his clients without risk or taxation. He has received numerous awards and designations concerning this and other tax strategies. His firm, REAL CHANGE FINANCIAL (DBA of InBizGroup, Inc.) works with both domestic and international clientele. He can be reached through his authorized financial representatives.

"I am an independent Financial Advisor. I represent only Mutual Life Insurance Companies that have been in business over 100 years each and have NEVER missed a Dividend payment during that time. My goal is to help you Integrate Whole Life Insurance into a Infinite Banking Concept policy, with an Emphasis on Cash Value as a Personal Banking Asset. Educational Consulting available at no charge."


- Kenneth Akiva Shapero

“My husband and I have been genuinely impressed with the level of service we've received from Josh and Ken - they have been proactive in helping us structure and use our policy to meet the needs of our family, and highly responsive to every inquiry. Using IBC to build financial resilience for our household has been incredibly valuable to us.”

Katharine B. ~ Nevada, U.S.A.

Pinny Joshua Levy


Joshua Pinny Levy began his financial services career in 2014. His passion has been helping individual families and business owners maximize their income protection, growth, and distribution. Starting as a Naval Academy graduate and commissioned officer with 9 years of active duty service in Europe and the Middle East, he settled in Brooklyn, NY to begin a family and civilian Career. The discipline, resourcefulness, and integrity that defined his military service have become the foundation of his approach to successful client service in the industry. He is a Nelson Nash Institute Infinite Banking Authorized Practitioner. He is dedicated to faithfully advising his clients and dedicated to his family. Josh lives in Coral Springs, FL with his wife and six children.

"I am an independent Financial Services Certified Professional and a US Navy Veteran. My goal is to help you start down the path to true financial freedom from commercial banking by designing your Infinite Banking life insurance policy with you. I go the extra mile with my clients, showing them multiple detailed and understandable examples of how a policy loan works, like Nelson Nash’s financing examples in his absolutely essential book "Becoming Your Own Banker", tailored perfectly for your situation and goals. Ultimately my clients are knowledgeable and prepared to receive passive income and to pass on inter-generational family wealth."


- Joshua Pinny Levy

Dobi Sheinberger


Dobi Sheinberger joined our team last year and brings attention to detail, class, and cheerfulness to the agency. She is fast becoming the main administrative support expert for policy approval and maintenance with our various insurers, and helps bring our agency to the next level.

Infinite Banking Concepts Authorized Practitioner
Trusted by Infinite Banking Nelson Nash
National Ethics Association Member logo

Our 3-Step Process Designed For You

Step 3:

We Seek Approval of Your Plan
with the best insurer for you, and revise any aspect of the plan until you are comfortable and empowered. We activate the plan and follow up at regular intervals to ensure your continued success.

Step 2:

We Develop a Personalized Plan of Action
including initial proposals for your Infinite Banking policy or policies. We will take the time to ensure you understand the built-in flexibility and features of any plan, and take care to account for future growth or life’s "what ifs".

Step 1:

Introductory Conversation(s)
to ensure we hear your concerns, needs, and goals, staying true to the Infinite Banking System as taught by Nelson Nash.
Shaking Hands
Fill in Your Info
Do you currently own any life insurance?
How much research have you done about The Infinite Banking Concept®? (select all that apply)
Product Type I'm most interested in: (select all that apply)

Please keep in mind all information is confidential and is not shared without your specific permission.

We answer to our policy owners, not to Wall Street

Putting your needs first.

Partnering with a financial professional is a great way to:

• Get answers to your questions – big or small.
• Find out exactly what you need.
• Come up with a strategy that evolves as your life does.

Our financial professionals are available to meet with you virtually from the comfort of your own home, helping you understand different options to meet your unique needs.
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